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    [RC] HELP! - Maggie Mieske

    Hi folks,
    Hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe holiday season.  The New Year is almost here and I have been plotting my 2003 rides for weeks already!  :)  I can't wait!
    What I need help with is this:
    Nelson is giving a presentation at the Great Lakes Distance Riding Association's annual meeting and awards.  It is called "Nelson's Common Sense Principles of Hoof Care"....the emphasis for this presentation will be on trimming, shoeing and generally caring for the distance horse's feet using COMMON SENSE (as opposed to only ONE method works for every horse kind of philosophies).  I have been working on a website for Nelson (though it has been neglected through the holidays, mostly because we spent a good portion of December ILL!) which you are welcome to look at...it's still a work in progress
    Anyway, what I would like to know from Ridecampers is what topics would you most like to see covered if you were to attend something like this...specifically pertaining to distance riding (endurance and competitive).  Remember it is only a 2 hour presentation so no way to cover every thing that should be covered.  We want to keep it basic but leave time for Q and A.  We want to present some of the products that Nelson uses and discuss the hows and whys (such as packing, Ground Control shoes, Super Fast, Equi Build, etc.).  But I'd like to find out what the consensus would be on what distance riders would like to know or learn more about when it comes to shoeing or trimming their horses in competition.  You may reply privately so as not to clutter the list and I can compile responses and share them later when we get the presentation put together.  :)  I do appreciate any feedback you might be able to give.  THANKS!!!
    P.S.  The presentation will be at the Doherty Hotel in Clare, Michigan on February 1st from 10 a.m. to noon, break at noon for lunch and our annual meeting is at 1:00 p.m.  ANYONE who is interested in attending is welcome to do so...come meet us, find out what fun and wonderful people we are and maybe decide to join in the fun of distance riding!!