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    RE: [RC] [RC] Riding in the rain - DIANE L KNAPPER

    I've come into this post late. But, I won't ride in the rain if there is lightening involved. Minus that, I've ridden when it is less than 50 degrees and raining, also when it is 30° and it just isn't even pleasant. I give kudos to those who ride during the winter...they are made of better stuff than me. As for blanketing your horse, if she isn't shivering and is getting adequate shelter, even from trees...don't worry about it. I blanket because MN winters are tough, even for the sturdiest of horses. Mine currently only has some trees as windbreaks and for me that isn't sufficient. So he has a blanket on him and comes in at night.

    From: SunsetOvrC@xxxxxxx
    To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: RE: [RC]    Riding in the rain
    Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:20:07 EST

    I just wanted to clarify to a certain person that I was concerned about
    riding in the rain because it was 55 degrees out. To me that is COLD when it
    is wet (I live in the South). Maybe I should have clarified a little more.
    I know it won't hurt when it is warm out, it actually feels good. Except
    when lighting is crashing down all around you and you can't see 3 feet in
    front of you, that has happened to me before. I am also concerned because my
    horse is on pasture board and there is no shelter except for trees. The
    other day it was pouring down rain while it was pretty chilly, and then later
    that night it got pretty cold. I couldn't blanket her because I didn't know
    if it would rain again. But somebody had a point, horses have survived in
    the wild for ages with no shelter and blankets. I just want to do everything
    I can to keep my horse healthy.

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