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    Re: [RC] Hobble Training - Bonnie Davis

    Hi Betty:
    All of my horses have been hobble trained.  And it has not only helped prevent injury but it sure is nice to 'keep 'em in one spot'.  Even though they ground tie, if there's a lot of 'action' going on around 'em, I'll stand 'em out of the way of traffic and then toss the end of leadrope (my leadropes are 10 feet long) around an ankle.  If they wanted, they could step out of it but the feel of rope keeps 'em hobbled and ground tied.  Great for saddling -- no chasing them down with a saddle!  (You can find videos on how to hobble on websites www.wilhowe.com or on my website, www.twohorseenterprises.com -- sorry for the commercial.)
    Bonnie Davis
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    Subject: [RC] Hobble Training

    I have a horse who is 30 years old.   When I broke her as a 2 year old; as part of my training.....I taught her how to stand with hobbles after desensitizing her to ropes.  I have ridden her many times since then, but never used hobbles on her again.  Early this morning, my neighbor informed me that Natchez was in trouble and was standing in one place continuously neighing.  I went to see what was wrong and she was very tangled in a huge grape vine.  That hobble training of so long ago paid off.  She stood waiting for "Mama" to come to the rescue.  My neighbor was helpful in that he also supplied me with a saw and nippers used for pruning.  My point in writing this is that all horses should have hobble training.  It will help keep them from panicking when caught in a wire, branches or vines.  While freeing her, I was real glad for that hobble training of  so long ago while she patiently waited for me to cut the vines so that she could join her equine friends who were some distance away.  I was most pleased to see her trot off soundly.
    Betty DeMar Mueller, Equine Artist

    [RC] Hobble Training, Betty Demar Mueller