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    Re: [RC] Jobs and Training - DVeritas

    In a message dated 12/20/02 9:39:59 PM Mountain Standard Time, dvirgilio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    but I am
    >having problems finding time during the week because of the lack of
    >daylight.  Any suggestions?

    We used to condition before the sun came up, race home and clean up and go to work.
        Or, we'd come home, not eat dinner and condtion in the dark.
        We never had a problem with it.  Even had the horses decked out in reflective stuff...you know, around each fetlock, rider vests that glowed when headlights hit 'em, that sort of stuff. 
        We found that riding in the dark (for us) sure was better than not getting to ride.
        Now, we have all day, every day, but we still ride at night, occasionally.  On the Fourth of July we ride to the top of our hill and watch the fireworks down below in the valley....on New Year's Eve, we tack up (regardless of how cold it might be here in western Nebraska) and get to the top of our hill (the highest along the North Platte River) and watch the fireworks again....AND WE DON'T LIKE FIREWORKS, we like to watch 'em when they're a couple of miles away though.
        In the winter time, riding in the cold can be dangerous for horse and rider, but with prudence, common sense, appropriate attire and with an eye on not hurting your horse, but finding a way to ride with some consideration and understanding, it can be done.
        We blanket any horses ridden that day to keep the muscles warm and toasty...and our horses actually seem better for the asking of them and the appropriate after-care than if we waited for better weather.
        Spring is the time when what was done in Winter pays off, and what was not done, can never be.
        We try to find a way to ride, rather than a reason not to.
        Good Luck,