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    Re: [RC] Jobs and Training - Tiffany D'Virgilio

    on 12/20/02 7:49 AM, Stewart, Carrie at carrie@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > For those of you with full time jobs, how do you get in training time
    > during the week in the winter months?  I am starting 2 coming 4 year
    > olds (for LD) and one 11 year old for the 2003 season.  I have found
    > that here in Texas, you can ride just about all year long but I am
    > having problems finding time during the week because of the lack of
    > daylight.  Any suggestions?
    I work 3-12 hour days. It is fantastic! Not that everyone has that
    flexibility, but it makes riding and being a mommy a whole lot easier!
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    [RC] Jobs and Training, Stewart, Carrie