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    Re: [RC] [RC] [Guest] LD Times - 6 hours is generous - Stagg_Newman

    I apologize for implying the horse may have been unfit.  You are right that
    there are some days
    where the combination of the horse not being right, the trail, and the
    conditions just do not make
    it reasonable to complete in time for that horse and that rider. (e.g. the
    first time I did the Old Dominion 55 (early 80s)
    when the tempature at the finish line was about 100 and it was humid.  I
    finished but only by
    with luck and the less stringent rules of that period.
    And on such days there are a lot of non-completions for many reasons
    including being OT.
    I respect the people who know what their horses can and cannot do and ride
    You wisely recognized that it was not your horse's day that day.
    And non-completions go with our sport (as I know from many first hand
    I have certainly have had days like you had where my horse was not his
    normal self.
    In fact the most dramatic example of that for me was on a day when I took
    my veteran horse Drubin
    out to the top of the mountain a couple of years ago on what was
    essentially a pleasure ride.  We
    had a couple of untrained horses  so we took it much easier than normal.
    Now Drubin is a pretty
    fair endurance horse having done over 30 1-day 100s with over 10 wins and
    BCs.  But that day
    after about a 10 mile ride, he colicked seriously.  Scared the hell out of
    me.  Fortunately he was fine after I took him to
    University of Tennessee at my vet's urging and then put him on fluids.
    (He's never had to have
    treatment at a ride for metabolics.)  Best we could figure out he had
    gotten a bout of diarearhea
    before the ride (one rider noticed he was scouring on the trail) and that
    had set up the colic.
    Best regards
                         Deanna German                                                                                         
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    It just depends on the trail. There's a certain 100 mile ride that always
    seems to have some OT's and no one is saying that those horses are unfit.
    No one is encouraging unfit horses to do LD or endurance. I'm not whining
    about my OT, far from it. I applaud those riders who made the time. I
    learned a valuable lesson about thinking "I can walk this and make time."
    wasn't my day. I had plenty of good days before and since then, mostly CTR
    with ride times in the range that you cite or less. My horse obviously
    wasn't fit enough for THAT trail on THAT day, but to imply that people who
    come in OT are bringing unfit horses is pretty harsh.
    Just like to oserve that most competitive trail rides organization allow
    less than 6 hours for 25 miles including any pulse recovery times.  The
    Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association allows 4 to 4 and 1/2 hours
    as I remember And pulses are taken 20 minutes after fininshing.  So AERC
    6 hours should be quite adequate for any reasonably fit horse, even over
    difficult terrain.  It's not much faster than a walking pace.  IMO we do
    not want to encourage unfit horses to do LD.
    Stagg Newman
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