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    [RC] OT- Petsmart - Tamara Taylor

    I shared this message with a show-dog board I am a member of. The general 
    consensus was that Petsmart definantly had the right to show her the door. 
    Petsmart is not the facility for breeders to be using to find business for 
    future litters or showcase there dogs. That is just what is going on by her 
    having her show puppies at the front door. That can be compared to a breeder 
    bringing in litters of puppies to a shelter and selling those to the people who 
    would have been potential adopters for the dogs in waiting, meanwhile they all 
    get euthanized due to the lack of adopters  There is a time and place for 
    everything, Petsmart is dedicated for homeless animals--period.
    At the risk of continuing  an off topic subject, I hope this can put an
    end to it.   Our local PetSmart provides a room in their store for the local
    OHA (Owner Handler Association) to hold their weekly conformation classes
    in.   This has been cleared through corporate headquarters I am sure.  They
    have also made donations towards our local puppy matches and shows.  So, I
    highly doubt that they are against "show people".   I always hate to see
    these smear campaigns.
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