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    [RC] Dynamite vs ABC - Beverly Gray

    Dear Angie;
    I beg to differ with Jim Helfter from ABC about his "presumed formulation" of the Dynamite products.
    The original Dynamite formula was developed for Citation when he won the Triple Crown.
    Jim Helfter now of ABC was originally a Dynamite Distributor who "worked" in the Dynamite
    office for a couple of years in the early 90's.  Mr. Jim Zamzow and his family developed the
    complete line of Dynamite products  from the equine formulas to crops, human, and pet products.
    I find it interesting that the ABC line was developed After Mr. Helfter worked at the Dynamite Company and
    has similar formulas to the Dynamite lines. Mr. Zamzow has business  integrity and a genuine knowledge
    of nutrition and concern for improved health of each human, equine, pet and earth product.
    I've used Dynamite products since 1991 and I will confidently continue to use them with the knowledge that
    my health and my horses health can be trusted with the true facts.  Carpe Diem Dynamite!
    Happy Trails from the Heart,
    Beverly Gray AERC# 4099 over 14,000 race miles
    AA Omner - 9,000 mile AERC Hall of Fame, Breyer Model horse,
                      Arabian Horse Magazine top ten endurance horse of the Millennium
    Paladin -    USET Endurance Team Spain - 1st USA rider
                     100% completion in all races
                      8:42 fastest 100
    I called ABC and talked with Jim yesterday.  He said that he actually
    formulated most of Dynamites products.  ABC is the same deal only it is not
    multi-level marketing so that's why the pricing is different.  Makes sense
    to me...