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    [RC] LD or longer - Larry Miller

    Just do whatever you are comfortable doing.  I consider and LD a training
    ride and sometimes will do them just because I don't feel that my horse is
    ready for a 50 or maybe I am not ready for a 50.  The most important thing
    is to enjoy what one is doing, have a good time while doing it, keep the
    horse happy, healthy and sound.  I have never worried about any of my horses
    getting attached to the 25 distance and refusing to go further as in a 50.
    It just never happened!!  I have started everyone of my guys the same way,
    lots of competitive, lots of 25s, lots of back to back days at the rides,
    and after 2 to 3 years of LSD, then the 50s and more are done.  This has
    worked for me 4 horses and I am now starting my 5th.  My biggest problem is
    my body.  It just aint like what it used to be!!  Sigh!  I now use a step up
    to get on, I don't have the desire to condition as much as I use to, and I
    am just glad that I can still get on a horse and drive everyone else nuts
    with my beautiful singing on trail!!  Jeanie
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