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    [RC] Teddy's "Frantic" Ride in the mid-80's - Suvut

    Back in the mid-80's at one of Teddy's Frantic rides, Bill Wilson and his horse  got washed down the river while crossing.  The Corps of Engineers had not received the message NOT to open the flood gates.  I think Bill's horse got caught in a submerged log or something.  Pretty scary for a while, but both Bill and his horse came out of it OK. 

    My ex-husband and I were also on that ride.  We were towards the end of the pack, and by the time we got to the flooded river crossing, there was no one there to tell us NOT to try crossing.  My ex-husband stupidly took his horse into the river and they promptly were taken under.  I was pretty hysterical until they bobbed back to the surface and somehow climbed back up the bank.  Needless to say, we both turned back for camp, where we were informed that the river crossing had been re-routed.  Too bad no one told us!!!  

    Susan Vuturo (AERC #1108)