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    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... - Deanna German

    I understand Amanda's frustration with finding rides to attend since I live
    in the NE region. Yeah, I can train 25 miles out the back door of where I
    board my horse, but it just isn't the same as attending a ride. Trust me, my
    horse knows the difference!
    Amanda, consider using CTR to train. You will still accustom your horse to
    the camp atmosphere, there are still vet checks and you will meet lots of
    great people. I feel your pain. I can attend 5 CTR rides that are within a 2
    or 3 hour drive. I'm using those to train for endurance. The endurance rides
    that are held in that same drive radius are held on difficult terrain, so
    after three seasons of building my mare up, I will be doing the LD's on
    those. To find an "easy" 50, I'll have to drive up to see Jeannie in
    Michigan - a good 6 - 8 hours. Same drive time to go to Illinois to find
    easier terrain.
    The fact is, being involved in endurance requires lots of driving! Everyone
    does it. I don't think that being able to hold an LD separate from an
    endurance ride would increase the quantity of rides. See my reply to Nancy
    to see why I think this.
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