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    [RC] Say what?? (Amanda) - C. Eyler

    Amanda, today you wrote:
    "Call them clinics, don't give awards, don't points, don't miles, don't serve meals etc, I don't care, but give me more opportunities, closer to home, to do training rides!  I'll bet more people would 'catch the bug' if LD rides were available more places, more often, and overall enroillment in Endurance would INCREASE (and the longer rides would have fewer of the ignorant idiots on untrained horses that every one here loves to hate!)."
    But, after your first ever visit to a ridecamp (at the Doncaster Renegade) in September of this year, you wrote:
    "Seeing experienced riders with fit horses get into trouble really made me reconsider getting into endurance, especially with my walker.  I think I stick to volunteering: hanging ribbons seems to be about my speed, and really I just want to party at the ride camps ;-)"
    So, why do you care whether or not there's are LD's close to you?  You could have done an ECTRA CTR at Doncaster, and that's practically in your back yard -- maybe a one hour drive?  If you're willing to drive a little bit farther, and you think you and your horse are up to it, the OD sometimes sponsors spring training rides in the mountains.
    So, are you ready to ride and not just party, or at least volunteer with ride management at some rides?  Even if you're not willing to spend long hours working and waiting in any kind of weather, you could at least hang some of those ribbons.  Choose a ride off the calendar and contact the RM.  Just do *something* besides whine.