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    [RC] Daughter's horse - Lynn Turck

    you might remember that it was my grandson Dustin whose much loved horse Tootsie had to be put down after a freaky kick at Hahira.  I wasn't sure if he would ride again, these two were an unbelievable love match. I have always been tough with him because he is high strung and can drift off.  But I have talked to him over and over again about what happened and told him it wasn't his fault, it was no ones fault, it was a horrible accident that could have happened to anyone.  I let him talk about her as much as he wants, cry if he wants, but not let him blame himself. What has helped him a lot is riding our Walkaloosa, who is very different in size, looks, and feel than Tootsie. If there is any way your daughter can ride a very different horse, maybe that would help.  If your daughter would like to e mail Dustin privately, please use my address.  I do think that kids can sometimes help each other more than we can especially with such an emotional issue as the lose of a special horse friend.   Lynn   
    --- Lynn Turck
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