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    [RC] crooked legs - Kathy

    My horse, Rebel's Foxfire, just completed 3000 miles with only 2 pulls when he 
    finished a tough 2 day ride Thanksgiving weekend and even got a perfect vet 
    score after day one.  He is 15.  He toes out on all four and is narrow so he 
    interfers on all 4 so I have to use splint boots on him.  He's had a broken 
    splint bone from a kick, a suspensory injury, which healed ok and never gave 
    him any more problems, plus has had some slight metabolic problems after hot 
    rides.  He just keeps going and going and is the first horse I've ridden to 
    get that many miles.  I usually ride two or three horses a year and don't do 
    100's or many multiday rides.  He was a backup horse to his older brothers 
    until age 9.  His older brother who had straight legs, a great back and no 
    metabolic problems, and was naturally athletic reached 2675 miles at age 18 
    and seemed like he was always going lame.  Of course, I probably raced him 
    more.  Fox, on the other hand I never race and if we come in first it is 
    because we tie or are way ahead at the finish.  He does best on long tough 
    rides.  He's half-saddlebred, half-arab and still hard to rate on the first 
    loop.  Fox really taught me "To Finish is to Win"   Happy Trails, Kathy Ct 
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