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    [RC] [Guest] Weed Free Hay - Ridecamp Guest

    Karen Nelson knelson@xxxxxxxxxx
    Steve- I have been questioning the supplier of my hay here near Grass
    Valley, and he has yet to find any grower baling "Weed Free "Hay.  There has
    been a hiring freeze in Sacramento, and he has been told that there are NO
    INSPECTORS.  It is my understanding that the inspectors provide the amount
    of twine the grower says he needs for the fields that pass inspection.
    Since there are no inspectors, there is no "Weed Free" hay up here, and no
    twine on the bales we can buy.  Just buying Cubes isn't the answer, either,
    apparently, because we can't prove they are also Weed Free.  I can't for the
    life of me see how the BLM can enforce this rule when the hay is not
    obtainable, and surely whatever amount of hay may be available in Colorado
    will disappear quickly, and will be out of sight in price for it to be
    trucked all the way to California.  Just how does the BLM think they can
    enforce something when we can't get the product they want us to have? I have
    also consulted the County Ag Commissioner, and he knows nothing about weed
    free hay being available- same story- no inspectors.  This sounds like the
    same run around we got when we were trying to get brand inspections on our
    horses in order to go on the Pony Express 2001 ride.  I talked to 4
    different Calif officials, and basically got 4 different stories, but they
    all said the same thing:  California doesn't offer brand inspections for
    horses, so therefore an owner cannot get a brand inspection.  I offered to
    take the horses to the nearest cattle yard where an inspector would be and
    was still told- won't matter- we don't even have the paperwork to supply you
    with what you need.  A general run-around.  I don't know what will happen if
    the BLM pushes us to have something we cannot obtain.  Any more info or
    How did your ride go?  Post us some results, please.  Karen Nelson AERC
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