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    [RC] rtoof-mounted water tanks, heavy loads and safety (long) - A. Perez

    Someone commented on the safety issue of having a lot
    of weight up high (such as a roof-mounted water tank),
    and I wanted to second this.  Both the effect on the
    center of gravity and the security of the load are important.
    I would caution against pulling a trialer with a full water tank
    mounted high with no other load (horses) to help provide 
    ballast.  Speaking of ballast, this time of year it is common 
    to put extra weight over your drive wheels to help with 
    traction on slick roads.  It is important to make sure this, as 
    well as any other heavy load, is secured to the bed of the 
    truck.  In the event of and accident, you don't want to find 
    your ballast flying through the rear window of the cab.  When I 
    was a kid in Maine I remember driving with a friend in her Opel 
    station wagon.  She had a few cinderblocks loose in the back to 
    improve traction. We hit an ice-patch, did a 180 and ended up 
    slamming into a snow bank.  Fortunately we hit rear-end first, 
    and the air-born cinder blocks hit the rear lift-door, which 
    few open, the the blocks flew a good 15 - 20 feet into the 
    woods.  I shudder to think what might have happended if they 
    had flown forward in the car.  I also heard a horror story of 
    someone carrying a loose pallet of bricks on a flat-bed, which 
    ended up joining the driver IN the cab when an accident 
    happened - I believe the driver was crushed and killed.  I have 
    a big plastic trunk which I fill with bags of sand, lime and 
    rock-salt: it is tied down in the bed of the truck.
    So be careful, all, and have a great holiday season!
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