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    Re: [RC] water tanks and safety - Sullivan

    Good point.  The hay rack on my Silverado was NOT adequately supported. It had the bottom edges turned out
    (about 2" wide), and was bolted through in three places on each side.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled into a horse camp and found the hay rack sliding off the roof of the trailer!  The metal tab had sheered off in one place, and the other nuts on the bolts had just shaken off ( imagine not using LOCK NUTS)!!  Also, the edge of the hay rack had pierced the aluminum skin of the roof!!  Nightmare.
    So....haul it on down to metal fabrication shop that welds alumimum where they beefed the whole thing up for me!
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    Subject: [RC] water tanks and safety

    Something to think about before you put 30 to 40 gallons of liquid on a hay rack.
    A full water tank weighs about 350 pounds or more.
    Is your trailer structurely built for this weight on its roof? Not all are since it was probably not in the original design specs.
    What happens if you have to stop fast? Is whatever it is tied to going to hold it. There is a real safety issue if the tank lets go.
    Check with your insurance and find out if you are covered or need more coverage.
    There are lots of things to think about.
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    [RC] water tanks and safety, Paddi