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    [RC] RE Old Dominion - Libby & Quentin Llop

    I live in the flat part of WN.Y., have done the O.D. 50 four times and made
    the 12 hour trek out to a ride in Illinois this fall. Firstly the trucking;
    We left a 6:30 am. Stopped at ~3:00, went for a 5 mile trail ride, loaded
    back up and arrived ~9:00 pm. The horses were happy and in very good shape.
    After the ride (the next day) we drove home straight through and they also
    traveled well. Of course we stopped every few hours to offer them water,
    both ways. In the summer you may want to drive all night. Next the
    conditioning; You may have noticed that I won the ride in Illinois and came
    in next to last at Ft Valley on the same horse 3 weeks later. She just
    didn't have the hill muscles, up or down. Seek out any hills you can find. I
    have found walking on an inclined treadmill helpful also.Lastly the shoeing.
    We have tried Olav rubber, ground control, aluminum eventers, steel
    eventers, supracor pads, pads made from high density polyethylene, and easy
    boots over shoes and to replace lost shoes. Olav rubber provide cushioning,
    the bottom layer of rubber will wear entirely away, but you will get in on
    the steel core and still have rubber between that and the hoof. Ground
    control held up well and are great in the rocks but slippery on grass and
    mud ( racing for the finish). Aluminum shoes will be no thicker than a dime
    at the end of the 50, they are however absolutely wonderful with easy boots
    over, easyfoamed on.Steel eventers hold up and are good with the
    polyethylene pads which you can cut with a tail in back to protect the
    heels. Supracor hoof pads were a total disaster. There was enough motion
    that we lost 3 out of four shoes and exceeded our easy boot supply. Nursing
    a horse over Little crease and into Mc Coy's without a shoe is not fun!!
    Search out those hills and good luck.  Libby
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