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    [RC] Beep Pulp Vs Bran < winter hot slurry's> - EMTKane

    Hello Everyone, <Very Newbie questions here> I have been following the beet pulp threads with much interest for quite sometime now. And even bought a bag which sat in my feed room for a few month after reading some stories of choking horses. I had to decide if I really wanted to supplement my horses diet with something that could be potentially dangerous <I know everyone has different experiences and opinions>
    My question.... what would is the difference between feeding beet pulp vs Wheat bran?  is there a difference in the fiber or roughage? I just recently have been doing a hot beet pulp slurry <soaked 12 hours> along with feedings. The horses seem to really savor their feeding time and enjoy the tea that the feed makes when added to the steamed mixture. I feed a 10/10 equitech sweet feed. 
    So question... can I mix Bran and beet pulp?  Do they have the same soak time to be eatable?
    Thanks in advance to any and all information given. Its very appreciated and I am learning so much every time I read posts on RC...
    Oh.... on actors who can ride... what about Kelly Reno in the Black stallion movie... That little kid could ride.. and how about the girl that played Laura Ingalls.. <can't think of her name> in Little house on the Prairie.<Can you tell I have kids!!! > Happy Healthy Holidays to all Friends 2 & 4 Footed...
    Liz Kane
    South New Jersey