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    [RC] Loose horses - Amy Cieri

    Three weeks ago at the Mustang Memorial Ride in New Jersey, several horses escaped in the night only to be found 4 days later. This unfortunate event is bound to happen time and time again, sometimes through no fault of our own, because that is the nature of the beast.  This happened to me 5 years ago at the No Frills Ride in Ft. Valley VA when someone else's horses ran through my enclosure. My horse was found 7 days later, near death, by a local resident out hiking.  Luckily he knew we were searching for the horse and knew who to contact.
    I wanted an easy way to identify my horses if this had ever happened again.  I purchased common dog tags with my name, address, home phone # and cell number. I have one on each saddle, bridle, and halter. I also know of a horse that dumped her rider and was gone for 2 weeks. She was found by a hunter and identified by the name tag hammered into her english saddle.
    I just came across a great company with durable, plastic tags. 1-800-910-3263. Call and get the order form. It's worth the effort.

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