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    [RC] - Angie Orr


    On the days you are tired are you eating the same as on the days your not how about the amount of rest you got the day(s) before you ride? Surgery can take a lot out of you...also had you been exercising other than riding horse within those 3 months? If you weren't that would definately explain it. I rode my 1st 25 miler 3 months after my heart transplant but I had been slowly introduced to exercise the 2 months prior. You might be doing too much too soon, take it slow like you would with your horse if he'd been off for 3 months ;)


    From: SandyDSA@xxxxxxx Subject: [RC] Calling all girls - have a question

    Okay - I guess the dudes might be of SOME help but mainly the gals. While I
    am not too shy, you really have to have a clue here so boys, you may as well
    hit DELETE. Had surgery 3 months ago - and still am having some trouble after
    a good, solid ride with fatigue and discomfort. Had hoped to ride a 25 miler
    the first week of the year and am wondering if I am pushing too hard too
    soon. Okay - ready for your input and advice. I just don't know. Some days I
    feel pretty good after a ride but some days I am just so tired I can hardly
    move - I wonder if ti is just too soon.

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