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    Re: [RC] Help Give a Wild Horse a Merry Christmas (Part 2) - halterlady

    Pat Fredrickson
    Natural Horse Halters
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    > We need to get the word out about these horses and try to reach folks
    > that could give these animals good homes. Y'all can help a great deal by
    > circulating information about them.  I've put together a thumbnail photo
    > collage of the animals that we have that are ready to be adopted. The
    > collage can be seen at this address:
    > http://www.whmentors.org/lhp/adoptndx.html
    > Click on a photo and a page will come up that has additional photos and
    > details about each horse.
    > There is also a link to a more detailed explanation as to why there is
    > an adoption crisis.
    > There are also links to the other volunteer groups that are holding wild
    > horses for adoption.
    > This photo collage will be updated as additional horses are removed from
    > the "pound" by LRTC volunteers.
    > So if y'all can help spread the word, that would be great.  Of course if
    > any of you could adopt a deserving horse or help with holding and feed
    > costs, or convince others to pitch in, that would also be great.
    > Donations are tax deductible and since it's an all volunteer project,
    > all of the money goes to program expenses.
    > Thanks for any assistance you might be able to lend and happy holidays
    > to you all.
    > ":O) Willis
    > (The attached image is from better times on the range.  If everyone
    > pitches in we can get most of these animals through the present crisis
    > to better times ahead.)
    FN:Pat Fredrickson