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    [RC] Conformation Flaws & Soundness - Lauren Horn

    I too have seen many horses with slight conformation flaws do well at endurance and the track, obviously they have been able to compensate for less then perfect legs. I don't think I have seen any horses that had  moderate-plus flaws do well. I also agree with Heidi about the back and having a horse with strong loins and a good back, especially to carry weight.
    I have a horse with bench knees. The first year of riding he 'popped' both splints right beneath the knees and may even had a high suspensory issue. After healing and time off, he built up more bone underneath the inside knees which strengthened the area. Now, he has had no problems since. His body compensated for the extra stress on the inside part of the leg by building up more bone.
    What about  tendons that are 'tied in at the knee'. I see a lot of this and the experts say that the horse is more prone to tendon issues. Is this the case? Anyone have any experience? Also, what about calf knees? Not bad, just a little.  I want to compare to high mileage horses not just horses that have done a few rides but the ones that stay sound year after year after year.