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    [RC] Trail etiquette - Libby & Quentin Llop

    I ride several of my horses in a rope halter and all the comments I've
    gotten on the trail have been compliments - I made it myself. My husband had
    a rather nasty incident of the kind of advice you are describing last
    summer. He was riding in a 25, while the rest of us were doing the 50 on the
    same trail, because it was the first ride for his horse. The ambient temp.
    was about 90 and he was pouring water from a tank along the trail (probably
    about 80 degrees) all over his horse. A woman rode up and told him he
    couldn't do that or his horse would tie up ( this to a veterinarian who has
    probably read most of the original research on the subject). She was very
    offended when he said "I'll let you know if she does" and kept pouring.
    Ironically in the 50 this was the socially acceptable thing to do. Everyone
    was pouring water from this tank all over their horses.   Libby
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