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    [RC] actors who ride - Kathie Ford

    Okay, I'm sick today (bummer) and waiting for the promised rain so I'm jumping into this fun thread!
    I worked at Paramount Picures in the late 70's and got to meet John Wayne!  I don't know if he really rode personally though...does anyone know? 
    Anyway, sadly, my friend and I (her dad worked one of the entrance gates and called us to meet hiim) didn't realize at the time we met him he was ill.  It was one year prior to his death.
    He was a really really tall man with the most beautiful blue-green eyes!  And I thought he was really nice.  He had a gentleman with him who was apparently his "sidekick" in some of his movies.  He rode a white horse.  Don't remember his name.  Anyway, when he asked our names during our conversation (he was on Western Street filming  short blurb) my friend who stood only 4'8 or 4'9" spoke her's first.  She has a combination american, japanese, and german name (first, middle, and last).  He looked down at my short short friend, got this funny sort of grin on his face and said  to her " that's funny, you don't look like a little nipper?!!!"  Oh, she was steamed!  I laughed pretty hard and I believe Mr Wayne enjoyed every minute he annoyed her!
    Anyway, just a fun memory!  I really am wondering if he was a real horseman or not?
    any takers on this one?  Just for fun?

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