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    [RC] water in the winter - John & Sue Greenall

    In Vermont we have NO choice but to use some form of heating 
    device in our water trough.  Last winter we submerged a 1/5 hp 
    circulating pump in the trough and it worked great.  The problem 
    with the water de-icers is that they warm up the water to about 60-
    70 degrees then turn off and it cools back down to about 40, then 
    back up  again.  Expensive, and the warm water at the bottom of 
    the tank would get black and nasty as any hay or feed that fell into 
    the tank would ferment.  This meant dumping and cleaning the tank 
    every two weeks and in the winter that was NO fun.  I had several 
    horses that refused to drink from it when the tank got dirty.   It is 
    very important to place a ground wire in the tank just in case any 
    current leaks into the water with either device.  
    John and Sue Greenall
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