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    Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers - superpat

    It helps that I have a water heater in my barn so on cold nights and mornings, I top the water off with very hot water. Each horse's tub is just outside the stall and protected from cold winds. When the weather turns really nasty, I bring the buckets (muck backets) into the stalls and place in the corner. In 8 years, none has been turned over. The horses seem to really like their warm drink immediately after the hot water is added. I like the idea of the apple juice and will try that for a treat.
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    Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 8:52 AM
    Subject: Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers

    Will give a warm, sloppy bran mash to horses about 11 pm on really cold nights and other than that, in cold weather when I fill water tubs I dump in apple juice -- Tree Top, to the point that when I taste the water I can taste the apple juice.
    Bonnie Davis
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    From: Sullivan
    Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 8:51 AM
    Subject: Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers

    I can't speak to water heaters, as we only have occasional ice on top of troughts, but in weather that cold, here is what I do.....I take 5 gal containers of really hot water out to barn, and fill a 25 gal blue barrel with warm water, coffee can of bran and a lot of salt.  The horses all take turns sucking this down...later the salt kicks in and they drink from the troughs.  I do this in really hot water too...
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    From: Beth Gunn
    Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 8:28 AM
    Subject: [RC] water heaters/de-icers

    Susan G talks of encouraging sufficient water consumption during winter time by making sure water temps are acceptable.  We do get freezing temps here in coastal SC and have had frozen water troughs already this year.  I have never bought water heaters but after a very scary bought of impaction with my new gelding, I am on a mission!
    I have found several in the catalogs and need input from you guys.  It cannot be a floating type as it will become a toy! for my older gelding to play with.  I use plastic barrels for water troughs and can move them close to the barn for electrical access. 
    Input will be appreciated!
    Beth Gunn
    AERC 11165

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