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    Re: [RC] subject matter on Ride Camp - Sullivan

    State Forests typically seem to want manure bagged and removed. 
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    Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 9:08 AM
    Subject: Re: [RC] subject matter on Ride Camp

    I have a question for all on Ride Camp, how many of you have been on rides where camping and/or the ride was done on public lands -- National Forest, State Park, etc.?  When on those public lands, were there any 'restrictions' (such as weed free feed required, no horses in meadows, etc.)?  And if there were 'restrictions', what were they?  Thanks!
    Bonnie Davis
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    From: superpat
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    Subject: [RC] subject matter on Ride Camp

    While I am a proponent of using the delete key if not interested in  a topic rather than complaining, I have become acutely aware of the low incidence of actual endurance related, or horse care and training related items on Ride Camp.
    I did a quick survey of the deleted (and unread) items and out of the last 100, 36 had to do with "Actors who can ride".
    Except for the welcome contributions of our wonderful Susan G, I was able to find only six items directly related to Horse care or endurance.
    I find myself deleting whole blocks of items and I wonder if this is only because so many are snowbound and in desperate need of distraction....any distraction. Am I mistaken in remembering that only a couple of years ago, Ride Camp was full of interesting items and discussions? Perhaps it has come full circle and it is I who am in need of a different kind of distraction. Help me here, folks.....is it me? I hardly look forward to opening my e-mail in anticipation of finding fun and interesting discussion.
    I know, I know, my delete key functions just fine. Just thought I would share.....

    [RC] subject matter on Ride Camp, superpat
    Re: [RC] subject matter on Ride Camp, Bonnie Davis