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    Re: [RC] Actor who did Tevis on OLTL - AprJhn

    Ok, a quick search on the internet reveals that Clint Ritchie played CLINT Buchanan, not Bo. A blurb on the actor on soapcentral.com says "Clint enjoys competing in 50-to-100-mile endurance races on horseback. He owns several horses, and a ranch in northern California where he also does his own horse training and horseshoeing." A quick search of Rider History on aerc.org doesn't bring his name up. So he could be riding under a psuedo-name, or he hasn't competed in the last several years in an AERC event, or something else I haven't thought of. :)

    Nashville, TN

    Charlene Bartholomae wrote:

    The guy played Beau (Bo?) Buchanan, son of Asa Buchanan and was a real
    looker at the time when I was watching.. Don't know if he is still on the
    soap or not..haven't watched in MANY years!

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    [RC] Actor who did Tevis on OLTL, Charlene Bartholomae