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    Re: [RC] Roasted Soybeans - Susan Garlinghouse

    Manna Pro > company was handing out samples of crushed roasted
    > soybean.  <snip>.  I'm
    > curious if this would be a good supplement and at what
    > amount per day for horses.  Would this give enough fat
    > supplement to warrent switching to.  Currently we use
    > Farnam Weight Builder as a supplement/maintenance
    My references don't have the fat content of *whole* soybeans (the fat is
    usually removed before being used as a livestock feed), but if memory
    serves, whole soybeans aren't all that high in fat to warrant being used as
    a fat source.  They are very high in protein (good quality protein, but
    still protein), along the range of 28-32%, so more than a pound or so is
    really adding a lot of protein to the ration.  How much of an issue that is
    depends on the rest of the diet, of course.  Soybeans are high in
    energy/calories...BUT since alot of that energy is derived from the protein
    content rather than strictly fat, it's not an ideal energy source for
    distance horses IMO.
    A bit is fine, I just wouldn't throw your arms in the air and shout Eureka
    just yet.  You'd probably be better off just feeding soybean oil to the
    horses and sprinkling the whole soybeans on your dinner salad (yum yum, very
    Susan G
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    [RC] Roasted Soybeans, Tim Worden