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    Re: [RC] How big will he be, breeders? - Sullivan

    Sounds like my Arab/paint back....dam was 14.3 Arab.....sire 16h paint.  She was about 15h at age 2...how at 3.1/2 she is 15.3
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    Subject: [RC] How big will he be, breeders?

    Just curious, those of you who breed. Our surprise baby (no I didn't backyard breed, prior owner didn't pay attention :0) ) is now 19 months old. Half arab, half appendix Qh. Dam was 15.3 under stick,(18 yr. old foaled in April last year). Sire was 3 yr old. Arab stud , 14.3 at the time.  Scout is now 15 hands at least (maybe 1 or 2.) His head and legs are at least as tall as our 16. 1 Tb. How big will this baby get?I figure 16 hands at least, ? Or can he still go taller? He was 14.2 or more,  at 1 yr old. Also I don't plan to ride him till he is 3 at least, I will play with saddle and ground driving his 2 yr old summer (next year), but am not sure when his growth will stop?   Laurie, Rascal  mom (darn that baby is bigger than me  at a year old!!!!)

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    [RC] How big will he be, breeders?, Laurie Durgin