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    Re: [RC] Leg Wound Help - LOUISE BURTON

    Hi Val,

    I have been very successful in getting lower leg wounds to heal without a scar.  We have constant problems here in the summer with our herd on 100 acres.  Here is what I do:

    1.  The first and foremost thing is get those scabs off everyday.  SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB.  Hosing is fine, but use that sponge and rub!

    Depending on the wound:  1.  Puncture  : you can't beat TODAY.  It is a cattle antibiotic in a syringe..used for mastitis.

    2.  Regular cut:  I have found the very best stuff is WONDER DUST.

    The main thing is KEEP AFTER IT.  I have worked horses for a month or more on wounds...and that is everyday.

    3.  Swelling:  Penecillin.  24 cc..some suggest more. 3 days.

    Hope this helps.

    Louise Burton

    Firedance Farms Arabians




     Val Nicoson <sweetmare55@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Yet another learning experience for my mare and I want
    to be sure to do the right thing for her. She has a
    nice horizontal cut (gash) just below her left front
    knee but the stable says it doesn't need stitching
    (marginal IMHO). She also has some scrapes around her
    fetlock and pastern areas. All these wounds are on
    the front of her leg.
    She is swollen a ways up from her knee and all the way
    down to her fetlock, perhaps some minute swelling in
    her pastern but hard to tell. The swelled area does
    have heat and there is definitely fluid about the knee
    This all happened on Wednesday but due to the weather
    the stable manager didn't call me...and didn't call me
    yesterday either. I discovered it when I went out
    last night to visit her. There was a note from the
    manager on the stall door...she had washed it off and
    put some
    ointment on the wound.
    Another boarder suggested 3 grams of Bute whi ch we did
    give her (she needed something). Did hose her down
    for 15 minutes which reduced the swelling nicely and
    then put some yellow ointment on it. She does get
    some MSM in her morning grain ration so did double
    that to help with the joint swelling.
    OK...here are my questions...
    1. What else can I use besides Bute? Banamine I can
    get but it is expensive. Anything else out there that
    would help and for how long should these meds be used?
    2. Ice or Heat? Did hose her leg down with very cold
    water. When does one use both...20 min of ice and
    then 20 min of heat? Can only get to the barn once a
    day... so it that OK...is once a day OK or should it
    be done twice a day?
    3. Should the wound be wrapped or left open? If
    wrapped should there be ointment/gauze under that?
    4. Should she be turned out at all for 1-2 hours or
    kept in the stall? If stall kept, would handwalking
    help or not?
    I will be calling a vet today to obtain some meds and
    perhaps he might order some penicillin o r other stuff.
    Thanks for your help...this is my first at dealing
    with such an injury,
    Val + Sania

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    [RC] Leg Wound Help, Val Nicoson