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    Re: [RC] Head flipping - DESERTRYDR1

    In a message dated 12/5/02 8:40:48 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
    betndez@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
    > Also try riding with good contact which will help her balance herself and 
    > discourage head  flipping. 
    My brother-in-law was a real beginner when he bought his first horses.  Had 
    seen the cowboys on TV occasionally, but really didn't have a clue how to 
    ride.  He asked me lots of questions complained that his horse would flip her 
    head so much that she would flip until both reins were on one side of her 
    neck.  (NOT an Arabian, by the way)  We finally went riding together, and I 
    immediately saw the problem.  He was riding in a curb bit, with his reins 
    very long, and with his hands held very high!  It was easy for her to flip 
    the reins to one side or the other because of the loose rein and hand 
    position.  I took the mare home and rode her for a couple months.  She 
    settled down a lot when I rode her in a snaffle with  contact.  And in a 
    different saddle that fit.  She was in pain because of saddle fit and also 
    because the loose rein led to occasional jerking on her mouth because of his 
    poor hand position.  She still tries to flip her head if ridden in a curb by 
    someone with bad hands, but if I put her back in a snaffle, she calms right 
    down, doesn't lean on the bit, and tucks her head like a good girl.  I agree 
    with the people who say it is caused by discomfort.  Check all your tack, and 
    your riding position including how steady your hands are.   Good luck, jeri
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