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    Re: [RC] evaluating young horses - Sullivan

    Mishah....is a J.K. Spartan son.  I had a daugher of his who was just gorgeous, athletic and smart.  Spartan is mainly Polish, and goes back to Bandos through Eukaliptus.  Spartan is by gg Jabask, by Bask out of Jalana (Serafix).  Bottom side of Spartan has Eunice, Comet, Bask again.
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    Subject: [RC] evaluating young horses

    This Sat. I am going to look at a group of arab and arab cross yearlings, a few 2 year olds, too.  I am not used to evaluating young horses for endurance and I can use any advise you all can give me!  I know basic conformation, but I am assuming that looking at a young horse is a little different.  I don't know arab bloodlines, but for what it's worth, these youngsters are all by either Legacy of Gold or Mishah (spelling?), both from Wolf Springs Ranch in CO.  Thanks!

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    [RC] evaluating young horses, Sarita Weimer