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    [RC] [Guest] conditioning - Ridecamp Guest

    angela mccorkle@xxxxxxxxxxx
    I was wondering if I could get information from the more experienced riders
    on conditioning horses.  I just bought a six yr old mare that has less then
    30 days on her.  She liked to buck everyone off thank goodness she likes me
    so one battle won.  I have had her out on four trail rides.  She loves to go
    and is not spooky.  I want to condition her for 50's but don't want to over
    do it with her.  I rode her 17 miles on her third ride out just enjoying
    ourselves and she did great.  Her heart rate was down she was spunky the
    whole time. I don't want to push her or overide her at all how much is too
    much on a green young horse.  Should I just stick with limited distance for
    a year or so or do slow 50's.  How often should I be riding her?  I gave her
    a week off after the 17 miles in fear of hurting her.  She ran around in her
    pin when I got her home so I felt like she was ok. Thanks Angela
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