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    [RC] Congrats 2002 Gold Medal Riders & Horses - DreamWeaver

    Since we're already into the new ride season, I figure I better get a move on and get this info posted:

    This year there were three horse and rider teams that completed all 1,000 XP miles. These rides were made up of two 3-day 150 mile rides, two 5-day 250 mile rides, and one 4-day 200 mile ride -- spread out from March thru October. All three horses were mares. Two were Arabs, one is a Foxtrotter. Two of the riders are women, and one is a man. Two of the horses have been Gold Medal horses before. One of the horses reached 8,000 miles this year. Read more about them on the XP website: http://www.xprides.com/2002GoldMedalRiders.html

    Congratulations to Alex, Cheryl, and Randy and their wonderful horses. Good job guy and girls!! :+))

    Happy Trails,

    in NV

    P.S. I'll be putting up more photos in the next few days

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