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    [RC] Mark Mayo was Competing Bareback - GoldenCMK

    In a message dated 12/2/02 11:50:09 AM Central Standard Time, sindymccosker@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    I am sitting here looking at The Arabian Horse News dated Oct. 1972. There
    is an article about the Canadian River Endurance Ride in TX.  The winner was
    Mark Mayo on Zachieus

    I had the great pleasure of knowing Mr Mayo and he indeed was an incredible rider. In 1997 he put on an exhibition at our Showcase of the "Ulitmate Trail Horse" and he lived up to it. He shot a gun, picked up chickens, walked over a billowing blue tarp, past a man with a chain saw and through a shower curtain then over a seesaw lined underneath with balloons. After that Mark did the entire course again without any tack at all... 

    In the "small world" coincidence I discover my farrier at the time grew up next to Mark in Beaver, Oklahoma. His father and Mark owned working cattle ranches. My farrier told me that every spring the neighbors would get together and brand and give shots to cattle and Mark would ride from his ranch on one of his "A-Rabs" ride all day, ride to all the meals at the ranch house 5 miles away then ride home and show up the very next day and do it all again on the same horse. He said everyone else used 6 horse string each all weekend. They all became great admires of his Arabians.