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    [RC] Fw: Driving in the rain... - superpat

    > Subject: Driving in the rain FYI
    > I received this today from a friend, and wanted to pass it on.  I never
    > thought
    > about it before, but will now.
    > I had a wreck a couple of weeks ago and totaled our Lincoln Town Car. I
    > hydroplaned on Hwy 35 between Gladewater & Kilgore. I was not hurt, just
    > emotionally rattled! I know the Lord was with me.
    > I learned a lesson I'd like to pass on to you. You may know this already-
    > but
    > the highway patrolman told me that you should never drive in the rain with
    > your
    > cruise control on. He said if you did and hydroplaned (which I did) that
    > when
    > your tires were off the road your car would accelerate to a high rate of
    > speed
    > (which it did). You don't have much, if any control when you hydroplane,
    > you
    > are totally in the hands of God when the car accelerates. I took off like
    > was
    > in an airplane. I'm so thankful I made it through that ordeal. Please pass
    > the
    > word around about not using cruise control when the pavement is wet or
    > The
    > highway patrolman said this should be on the sun-visor with the warning
    > about
    > air-bags.
    > The only person I've found out who knew this (besides the patrolman) was a
    > man
    > who had a similar accident and totaled his car. This has made me wonder if
    > this
    > is not why so many of our young people are dying in accidents.
    >  Be careful out there!
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