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    [RC] HRM's - Magnumsmom

    Somehow in all the latest discussions about heartrate monitors the most basic 
    has been skipped over... which is regardless of what your horse's normal 
    numbers are 
    a heartrate monitor can be a first indicator of a problem before it becomes 
    apparent.  Climb some stairs healthy and pay attention to your heartrate.  
    Then climb
    the same stairs when you have the flu.  Your heartrate will skyrocket when 
    you have
    the flu.  Irregardless of how well you read the outside of your horse, a 
    monitor can indicate when something isn't right within your horse before you 
    or the
    vet might notice.  And to me that's the one best use and reason to have one.  
    still have to be able to read your horse and know your horse's normal numbers.
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
    ... who hasn't seen such a need for that TB ex-racer brain scan monitor since 
    the sane, reliable, endurance Arabian...
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