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    [RC] Zen and HRM - Laura Hayes

    Scott wrote:<<<When the sport places so very much
    emphasis on the horse's heart rate, it is essential to know where that rate
    is!  Unless, of course, one is sooooooooo good that they can simply read the
    difference in their horse between 65 bpm and 59.>>>
    Scott- Heart rate is merely a measure of your horse's ability.  As someone
    said, it is not a tachometer.  There is emphasis on HR in our sport- as a
    reflection of the horse's physiological status, just like the skin pinch for
    hydration, but the rider won't get that far in the exam if he hasn't read
    his horse correctly and taken the proper care out on the trail.  If he
    hasn't listened to him and adjusted the plan in the hours you are out there.
    No one needs to know the difference between 65 and 59 while you are riding.
    Either one is acceptable. If you are listening to your horse and not riding
    balls to the wall, you don't need to know what his HR is while you are out
    there.  Don't tell me you do - I have won many many rides- I know.
    And I am not arguing with Howard, I am disagreeing with a point he made that
    I feel strongly about.  I have 21 years of success to back it up.
    Laura Hayes AERC#2741
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