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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Give me a break - Lynne Glazer

    There is a protest filed. Why don't you consider waiting until the results are known before making accusations? If you have personal observations of this rider's behavior and want to file a statement, send it to the P&G committee head.

    AND if you are talking about the person I filed the protest against, that person had exactly 1 year to the day of endurance and LD under their belt--to me that IS a newbie.


    On Saturday, November 30, 2002, at 07:13 PM, Ridecamp Guest wrote:

    bob drums bobgdds@xxxxxxx

    You guys are worried about a post on ridecamp making someone oeverride their
    horse? gimmee a break. A horse DIED in the PS a few months ago from being
    overridden and guess what the person who killed it isn't on
    ridecamp...doesn't even read ridecamp...nor could care less what howard

    newbies take better care of their horses then some of the "been around a
    while" people I have seen.


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