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    Re: [RC] "bomb proofing" ideas - Jennifer Judkins

    Rene, I love your imagination!  I would ride/camp with you any day;-) Jennifer.

     RENESPONY@xxxxxx wrote:

    i was looking for bomb proofing ideas. i know not every horse can be totally
    bomb proof, but i try to expose them to weird things so just maybe they wont
    panic in some situations.
    i have a few tricks i have used over the years, but could always try more.
    i like the training to hobble ideas and will try that. i have already done
    the" legs tangled in rope" exercises
    My training sessions are mostly in the round pen.
    I have a collection of scary objects, and common objects that do odd things.

    a water bottle tied to a string that ends up places it shouldn't be, like
    around his legs, dangling from the saddle, swinging in the air cowboy style.
    Boinked off the head bounced off his butt.

    Saddle bag comes off! Details at 11.
    I've tied and purposely dropped, items from the saddle like a trash bag of
    aluminum cans, a raincoat, a beach ball, a small bucket of water, a can with
    pennies in it.

    I've rubbed him down with an umbrella (opened and closed), a hula hoop, a
    basket ball, empty jugs, a tarp, etc., anything odd that might blow by on a
    windy day, or he might have never seem before in his life.
    Another good idea is running baby carriages by, and children's riding toys,
    and big wheels. Especially if they make weird noises!

    we also had the kids at the barn ride bikes around so the horses got used to
    seeing them.
    we also clean pens with a 4 wheeler so our horses don't bat an eyelid at the
    sound of them.
    i have an old saddle that we don't use so i will have to try hanging it under
    him and having it fall off or come loose.
    i spend a lot of time in the woods, so we have a theory that if we get off
    frequently and offer treats, pick feet, hand graze, give some beet pulp,
    maybe our horses will come back to us if we get dumped someday. Even if its
    just to mug us for the treats!
    any other ideas?
    Things that scare your horses?


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    [RC] "bomb proofing" ideas, RENESPONY