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    Re: [RC] Top Riders Saddles & Pads( Now Trail Blazer) - sharp penny

    Thats too bad Cora, you are missing a really good magazine
    all due to a few glitches. I have found that the folks at
    Trail Blazer have amended any mistakes in subscription
    mailings once contacted.I learned that at the time they
    were going through major internal problems. Yes I went a
    few months with out this great magazine (as did the folks I
    sent gift subscriptions to) but a couple of emails
    corrected that problem and we all were all sent the back
    issues, as well as an extension of my subscription as an
    apology for the inconvience. 
     Besides, this in not the first magazine that I have had
    problems getting. It took NATRC a year to finally get my
    issues to me in a timely manner. Again this was due to some
    internal organization problems. Once they finally got it
    corrected I haven't had a problem since. I feel this will
    be the same story with Trail Blazer.
     It's a shame that now-days people are  so impatient and
    eager to blame when the least little thing goes wrong.  I
    guess I am one of the few that still make mistakes...lol 
    So give us imperfect people a chance to correct our
    mistakes without holding it against us for the rest of our
    lives ;)
    --- Cora <bandc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > There are a lot of us who have had problems getting our
    > trail blazer in the
    > past...so much that I'm not willing to try again....Cora
    > ----- Original Message -----
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    Re: [RC] Top Riders Saddles & Pads, Cora