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    [RC] high lines and trailer ties - Robin

    If we camp in a place that has big enough trees we highline.  We tie one end to the hay rack on the trailer and the other to a tree.  We use a tree saver on the tree end and a tiedown with a ratchet strap on the other end (a non-stretch rope is run in-between the tree saver and the tie down). To get the line high enough in the tree we stand on the camper step. To tighten the highline we use the ratchet.
    We usually tie 2 horses on a line.  We put a hay bag on either end (we've modified the bags and have knot eliminator type rings that the bags hang on).  There are knot eliminators in the center of the line to keep the horses from tangling up with each other.  We can space it right so that a muck bucket full of water can sit in the center of the line so either horse can drink but they can't become tangled.  The horses can walk up and down their section of line, lie down, roll etc.
    If we are somewhere without suitable trees we use a trailer tie system (my husband custom makes them).  We have two rings attached to the overhead tie bar, one for the horse and one for the hay bag. 
    The horses are quite comfortable with either way and it takes less than 5 minutes to set up either system. 
    We've been at this for some time now and so far so good. We had a near wreck at one ride before we found non-stretch rope....We had one horse on the line, it rained and the rope stretched.  The horse rolled (usually not a problem) and I looked out of the camper just in time to see all four of the horses ankles above the high line rope, the rope had really stretched in the rain.  I hollered, the horse quit rolling and we tightened up the line.  Gave me a scare, I still have visions of that horse hog tying himself in the highline.