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    [RC] trailer ties - Cindy Collins

    It's obvious to me that many people will never change their minds about
    electric pens.  I just pray that they don't ever have to find their horse
    mangled on a highway or at the bottom of a ravine with borken legs
    suffering for hours.  I have not seen horses ever get loose from the newer
    high trailer ties if used properly.  Although I do not mean to be rude, I,
    too, am shocked that anyone would admit to not being able to tie a horse
    to their trailer.  That is definitely a training issue and wouldn't be
    acceptable to most folks.  It could be fixed, I'm sure.  It's just spoiled
    behavior.  A rope halter properly tied and a stout bungee tie would likely
    fix the problem after one session.  Cindy
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