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    [RC] portable fencing - Sandy Terp

    As someone who has used all but the swinging bars attached to the trailer I can say they all have there benefits and problems.  At Mustang Memorial this weekend 9 horses broke out of electric corrals.  It looked to me like they spooked each other but no one ran through any one else's fence.  They were all wearing blankets because we had a nor'easter blowing through.  It took until Tuesday night to find all the horses and this was in a New Jersey state park.
    I have seen metal corral panels get pushed to the point that they fall on the horse and I have heard of horses picking them up.
    I had a horse stretch a picket line then lie down and get the rope over her back leg.  Her rope burn was bad enough that she could not start the race.  You have to do what you think is right for your horse at that ride.
    Sandy Terp