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    Re: [RC] re:portable corrals - Karen

    Ooooh, yeah, I can second that (and probably with three different dead horses....)....I just cringe when somebody parks near me with an electric corral. I think they should not be allowed, but that is just because I have seen far too many tragedies occur because of them. Other horses run into them or thru them, and it creates a pretty big mess. Been there, seen it, lived to tell about it. Barely. I just love the people who set theirs up right in the thruway in the middle of camp, then have their anchor lines going all over the place for people to trip over......:+/ k

    At 12:48 PM 11/21/2002 -0700, Cindy Collins wrote:
    My advice is don't get one, especially not an electric one.  Use a trailer
    tie instead.  I know we could get into all kinds of arguments, but my
    reasoning is because I personally know of three dead endurance horses who
    got out of electric corrals (often when their owner put a blanket on them)
    and where either run over on the highway or in one case, fell off a cliff
    in the dark.  Cindy

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