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    [RC] Narrow-backed Mustang saddle problems - Typef

    Over this last year's conditioning, my narrow-backed Mustang mare has become cranky, slow, dropping her head to the ground halfway through a ride, looking over her shoulder at me, and as her winter coat grew in, white patches appeared on her back. Never having had a saddle fit problem before with my other horses, it took me until the white patches to figure out what my problem was. I was riding a medium flexible tree dressage saddle. I also use this saddle on wider horses so it's possible it stretched some. After deciding to search for a new saddle, I settled on a Wintec Endurance Pro with Cair panels and an adjustble gullet and a Skito pad, thinking that would do the trick. In the meantime I dug out my old western saddle and did a few rides. I immediately had a different horse! She was so eager to go that we did our entire one-hour ride at an extended trot and a hand gallop, ears up and bright eyed and just seemed so happy. What a great feeling! My Wintec came and I went for a ride. My old horse was back with all the old problems. How sad I was to discover that it is obvious that she prefers the tree of the western saddle over the smaller area of the english saddle. But at the same time, I also discovered I like the seating position better. I'm a little (a lot) top heavy and I find myself getting thrown forward in the dressage and Wintec with any type of sudden slow-down. I hate that. I also won many ribbons in western equitation and never in english. Go figure. Which means I am again, on a saddle hunt and my brand new beautiful Wintec is for sale. Obviously, I can't return it as I couldn't figure out a way to test it without actually putting stirrups on it and RIDING it. So I've listed it in the classified section and am throwing in leathers, girth and a Skito pad. Any thoughts from anyone on narrow-backed Mustangs and distance saddles would be greatly welcomed. In the meantime, I guess I'm riding the old western saddle. My thoughts are that both of us might be happier with a western-type endurance trail saddle, if I can find one with a narrow tree.
    Jackie and MC, the temporarily-excited-to-go-for-a-ride-Mustang