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    Re: [RC] sulphur dip - Debbyly

    The horse kept having a sore back.  I tried all sorts of saddles and saddle 
    pads and nothing worked.  I thought it might be a fungus on his back.  No one 
    I talked to including a couple of vets thought that it might be fungus.  My 
    husband is a dermatologist and he agreed to do a scraping and culture it.  
    The sores were first kind of powdery and the hair would pull out and it would 
    be a little scaly underneath.  Jeff cultured it and it grew out fungus.  The 
    sulfur dip worked.  We used it daily for a couple of weeks and then once in a 
    while.  The horse has only a couple very mild recurrences in the last few 
    years and a couple of times with the dip and it clears up.  The dip is also 
    good for mites and some other skin problems.
    Debby Lyon
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