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    [RC] Tattooing for sun protection? - Jennifer Thompson

    I am currently looking at a nice arab gelding for sale.  He
    passed vet check, but the vet warned me about the snip on
    his muzzle.  It is about an inch wide and runs down from the
    top of his muzzle to the bottom of his upper lip.  It has
    hardly any hair, and the skin is pink, leaving it very
    sunburn-prone.  The rest of his muzzle is black.  The vet
    warned that the pink snip could turn cancerous with repeated
    sunburns over the years.  He suggested leaving him inside as
    much as possible during the day - yeah right, so when would
    I ride?
    I know I can try sunscreen, or those hoods that come down
    over the nose, for sun protection (but not when I'm riding),
    but I was wondering if it is possible to tattoo the area
    black to permanently protect it?  Has anybody ever heard of
    or done this?  Is it a feasible solution?
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